Embedded Project on Four Quadrant DC Motor Speed Control with Microcontroller


The project is designed to develop a four quadrant control system for a DC motor. The motor is worked in four quadrants i.e. clockwise; counter clock-wise, forward brake and reverse brake. The four-quadrant activity of the dc motor is most appropriate for industries where motors are utilized and according to the requirement as they can rotate in clockwise, counter-clockwise and also apply brakes immediately in both the directions.

If there should be an occurrence of a particular operation in the industrial environment, the motor needs stop immediately. In such situation, this proposed system is exceptionally apt as forward brake and reverse brake are its necessary features.

Instantaneous brake in both the directions occurs because of applying a reverse voltage over the running motor for a brief period. 555 timer utilized as a part of the project creates required pulses. Push buttons have accommodated the operation of the motor which is interfaced to the circuit that gives an input signals to it and turns controls the motor through a driver IC.

Optionally speed control feature can be achieved (but not provide in this) by push catch operation. This project can be enhanced by utilizing higher power electronic devices to work high capacity DC engines. Regenerative braking for optimizing the power utilization can also be incorporated.

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