Dotnet Datamining: Explaining Missing Answers to Top-k SQL Queries


Because of the way that current database frameworks are progressively more hard to utilize, enhancing the quality and the ease of use of database frameworks has increased huge energy in the course of the most recent couple of years. Specifically, the component of clarifying why some normal tuples are absent in the aftereffect of an inquiry has gotten more consideration. In this paper, we examine the issue of disclosing missing responses to top-k questions with regards to SQL (i.e., with determination, projection, join, and conglomeration). To approach this issue, we utilize the inquiry refinement technique. That is, given as information sources the first best k SQL inquiry and an arrangement of missing tuples, our calculations come back to the client a refined question that incorporates both the missing tuples and the first inquiry comes about. Contextual investigations and exploratory outcomes demonstrate that our calculations can return astounding clarifications effectively.

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Existing System:

The diverse calculations are created to answer such why-not questions proficiently. Top-K commanding inquiries are those which have more than maybe a couple comes about. At the point when this case happens, the outcome is requested by most astounding positioning among the records. An inquiry is made and the result is shown, if the normal tuple does not seem then client raises a why-not inquiry. This question is refined utilizing calculation and after that, the outcome is figured. A punishment work is included with the end goal that the outcome can be returned effectively and with no blame.

Proposed System

Following quite a while of exertion dealing with database execution, the quality and the ease of use of database frameworks have gotten more consideration as of late. Specifically, noting the why-not inquiries after a  look is made has turned out to be more imperative. In this task, the issue of noting why-not inquiries on took questions and refining the client inquiry is settled. By and large numerous clients love to represent those sorts of inquiries when they are settling on multi-criteria choices. Be that as it may, they would likewise need to know why their normal answers try not to appear in the inquiry comes about.

System Requirements:

Hardware Requirements: 

  • System: Pentium IV 2.4 GHz.
  • Hard Disk: 40 GB.
  • Floppy Drive: 1.44 Mb.
  • Monitor: 15 VGA Colour.
  • Mouse: Logitech.
  • Ram: 512 Mb.

Software Requirements: 

  • Operating system: – Windows XP.
  • Coding Language: C#.Net
  • Database: SQL Server 2005

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