ASP Project On Online Student Management System

ASP Project On Online Student Management System


Advances in innovation and the development of Greenwich grounds to give instructors and mentors one of a kind chances to improve learning and educating in corporate, government, social insurance, and advanced education. This application fills in as a discussion to encourage the trading of data on the momentum research, advancement, and routine with regards to Greenwich grounds in the segments.It incorporates the exploration, advancement, and routine with regards to this grounds identified with the accompanying multi-dimensional subjects and sub-points.

Greenwich comes in various arrangements that direct the profundity of a necessities evaluation. The straightforward Greenwich executions, for example, those following an application specialist organization (ASP) demonstrate, won’t really appear to be any unique from an asset necessity point of view than conventional classroom preparing. That is Greenwich.Greenwich can be a tremendous endeavor and, require fundamentally more readiness because of its expanded degree, higher reliance, and permeability. These variables – depicted beneath – are the reason a requirements appraisal for a Greenwich activity appears to be unique from one for a conventional classroom program.

Extension. Building up a Greenwich activity is a normally substantially bigger undertaking than that of an educator drove preparing (ILT) program. Think about the expanded costs, the number of individuals included advancement time, mechanical necessities, and conveyance choices.Relationship. It’s conceivable, even normal, for an ILT program to be directed without the information of anybody yet the members, their quick chiefs, and the preparation supplier. Conversely, even the littlest Greenwich program requires a more extensive gathering of individuals. Extending from (at least) delegates from the IT and HR divisions to (all the more generally) an association-wide team, the extent of the venture regularly directs that there are more chiefs, more partners, and more connections between beforehand random offices.

Permeability. At the point when a customary preparing program turns sour, a member’s disappointment is typically voiced by listening in on others’ conversations. What’s more, the general population who express disappointment, much of the time, are the members and, perhaps later, the general population straightforwardly influenced by their work.Once more, because of the extent of the endeavor (particularly the high spending plan and number of assets required), the adequacy of a Greenwich program will be conveyed to a bigger gathering of individuals and through a more extensive assortment of channels than an ILT program. Regularly, a CEO can take advantage of a preparation database and view members’ course remarks, exam comes about, and the courses are taken. It’s less demanding to decide if a Greenwich program is disliked or incapable than to depend on the verbal exchange about a faulty ILT program.


 Administration

 User Management

 Content Management

 Evaluation



PIII 500MHZ or above 128MB RAM 100MB Free Hard plate space STD Color Monitor Network interface card or Modem (For Remote Access) LAN Network (For Remote Sources)


WINDOWS NT 4 | 2000 | 9.X | ME Visual Studio .Net 2002 Enterprise Edition Visual Studio.Net Framework (Minimal for Deployment)

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