Embedded Project on Security System With User Changeable Password


The primary goal of this project is to give a security system having the arrangement to change the password by the authority only. The security of any association or house is of prime importance always. The concern is for the physical property and intellectual property in case of any association.

This proposed framework gives a user-friendly security system for associations and homes. This framework is password based and enables just authorized persons to get to it with a password. It additionally has the arrangement of changing the password.

The framework is completely controlled by the 8 bit microcontroller of 8051 family. The password is put away in an EEPROM, interfaced to the microcontroller and the password can be changed whenever dissimilar to a settled one consumed forever on to the microcontroller.

A keypad is utilized to enter the password and a realy to lock or open the electric entryway, which is indicated by a light. Any wrong attempt to open the door (by entering the wrong password) an alarm will be impelled, indicated by another light.

This project can be upgraded by interfacing a GSM modem to the device so when a wrong password is entered, a ready SMS will be sent to the concerned specialist.

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