A Lightweight Secure Data Sharing Scheme for Mobile Cloud Computing


With the popularity of cloud computing, cell phones can store/recover individual information from anyplace whenever. Therefore, the information security issue in portable cloud turns out to be increasingly serious and averts encourage improvement of versatile cloud. There are generous investigations that have been led to enhance the cloud security. Nonetheless, the greater part of them are not relevant for portable cloud since cell phones just have constrained processing assets and power.

Arrangements with low computational overhead are in awesome requirement for portable cloud applications. In this paper, we propose a lightweight information sharing plan (LDSS) for mobile cloud computing. It receives CP-ABE, an entrance control innovation utilized in ordinary cloud condition, however changes the structure of access control tree to make it reasonable for mobile cloud situations. LDSS moves a huge part of the computational serious access control tree change in CP-ABE from cell phones to outer intermediary servers.

Besides, to lessen the client disavowal cost, it acquaints characteristic portrayal fields with execute sluggish denial, which is a prickly issue in program based CP-ABE systems. The test results demonstrate that LDSS can adequately diminish the overhead on the cell phone side when clients are sharing information in portable cloud situations.

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