AN071 – Android Based Universal Ticketing Project


You wish to go to someplace in a very critical way and you don’t have time to waste your time on standing in those long lines at the bus stand, then what would you do? This Android Based Universal Ticketing System will help you with booking ticket this time. This system will decrease your paperwork too while booking the tickets and furthermore reduce the keeping of the paper ticket in a very safe manner. This system is designed for android platform and all the android clients can download it in their system and can book their tickets in a very instant manner while sitting at their own home too.


In the existing cell phones, a client needs to go to the bus stand or some other ticket reservation window with a specific end goal to purchase tickets. The existing system takes a lot of time and work of the client which incorporates heading off to the ticket window, returning to the place, guarding the ticket, keeping all the important report identified with ticket, safe and in this way enjoy the client into wasting their own time.

In existing Universal Ticketing Android Project system, there may be some moments come when you wish to purchase a ticket for your loved one and there is just place where you can get the ticket, however you can’t as you don’t have sufficient energy to go to where you got the ticket and possibly you will wind up cancelling their journey or else they need to walk alone.


In this proposed system, the client simply need to download the application and after that register herself/himself into it. After registering, the client will get a unique id and password which keeps the client to login into their account. At that record, each data of purchasing tickets for specific places, at what time,bus/train number and all other data including the past history of booking tickets too are saved and while travelling, the conductor or ticket checker will likewise check the client details from his own record utilizing the unique number given to the client while reservation.


Modules utilized in the given android multilayer design locking framework are:

1.) User Module: Users can get the details in this module. They can register themselves, purchase tickets, get updates in this way module.

2.) Registration Module: In this module, a client can register the design along with the required details of interest of the system and can get some important instructions too the same as the given pattern locking performa.

3.) Administration Module: All the details and information will be saved in this module and once the occasions for entering the example for opening the system reaches to 5, this module gives sudden reply for crossing the no. of entering the pattern and thus lock the pattern again.

4.) Ticket Checker Module:

DOWNLOAD: Universal Ticketing Android Project

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