Learning Content Management System ASP.NET Project

Learning Content Management System


Learning Content Management System “is an electronic online undertaking. The fundamental point of the venture is a Learning Course Management System which consolidates student organization abilities of an LMS with the substance creation and capacity abilities of a CMS Many LCMS can offer essential course organization highlights, however, their usefulness isn’t as vigorous as that found in many LMS.

It likewise commonly utilize expertise evaluations to track students’ abilities and suggest courses, however, most frameworks do not have the capacity to progressively convey customized courses.

Ex: Learning Course Management System ought to give composing, sequencing, and collection instruments that structure substance to encourage the learning procedure.

The main components should minimally include,

1. Course Management

2. Learning Topics

3. Assignments

4. Grade Book

5. Learning and Content Delivery

6. Reports and Performance

The whole framework is partitioned into 3 noteworthy modules

1. Head module

2. Educator module

3. Understudy module


In this Administrator Maintain all courses Details, understudy Registrations, Instructor Registration, Timetable subtle elements are kept up and see the Assignments and New Content Details.

Educator MODULE:

In this Instructor keep up Assignment Schedule, Batch Details and to see the Login Instructor Profile

Furthermore, View the Time Table, new Content Details.

Understudy MODULE:

In this understudy Maintain new substance Details and to see the Login Student Profile and view the Timetable and Assignment Details.


Exhibit framework is manual. The Project Metrics needs to enter every one of the points of interest of undertaking, archives, and errands.

It additionally upkeeps the group data and furthermore endeavors estimation.

For this reason, the association keep up the extent of the record, source code and refresh the data about colleague’s points of interest physically.

Which is a lot of tedious processes and all the more critically it is blunder inclined? Restrictions of the Manual framework

1. It is tedious

2. It prompts blunder inclined outcomes

3. It devours part of labor to better outcomes

4. It absences of information security

5. Retrieval of information takes parcel of time

6. Percentage of precision is less

7. Reports set aside opportunity to create

Henceforth Computerization of the current framework is proposed. The new framework totally expels every single manual weight and give effective on the passage framework.


Goals of the Proposed System

1. To create the speedy reports

2. To make precision and effective counts

3. To give legitimate data quickly

4. To give information security

5. To give colossal support of records

6. Flexibility of exchanges can be finished in time

In the wake of understanding the current framework and understanding the requirement for building up another framework diverse individuals engaged with the related exercises have been counseled. The information required for the investigation has been gathered from organization records.

The computerization of this framework would maintain a strategic distance from the wrong elucidation and terrible count of information.The framework enables the client to perceive any archives, to the source code, undertakings, exercises, group data with points of interest at the snap of a catch.

The record information is kept up and moved down such a path, to the point that information isn’t misfortune. The speed of the framework could likewise increment.

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