Voltage Limit Control of Modular Multilevel Converter Based Unified Power Flow Controller Under Unbalanced Grid Conditions


The particular multilevel converter-based brought together power stream controller (MMC-UPFC) can work under uneven grid conditions with symmetric segment decoupling. In any case, the requirement of the voltage furthest reaches of UPFC isn’t considered and no insurance plans are examined to shield the UPFC from over modulation under lopsided network conditions. To take care of this issue, this paper proposes the fell control plot for MMC-UPFC in light of voltage restrain control and symmetric part decoupling to adjust the air conditioner current of the transmission line.

With fitting transformer associations for MMC-UPFC, the negative-and zero-succession streams are stifled by the comparing internal current circles. Considering the voltage furthest reaches of MMC, the working scopes of UPFC-MMC under adjusted and unequal lattice conditions are researched in both numerical deduction and point examining techniques. The outcomes are portrayed and dissected in 3-D vision. In light of the examination of working areas, as far as possible control is proposed to shield the MMC from over modulation and to expand the controllable district under lopsided grid conditions. At last, the last fell control structure is developed. The simulation results acquired in PSCAD/EMTDC are given to approve the viability and vigorous execution of the proposed control techniques.

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