Embedded Project on Solar Powered Auto Irrigation System


In the field of agriculture, utilization of the proper method of irrigation is important because the main reason is the lack of rains & scarcity of land reservoir water. The continuous extraction of water from earth is reducing the water level because of which a lot of lands is coming gradually in the zones of un-irrigated land.

Another very important reason for this is because of unplanned utilization of water because of which a lot of water goes waste. For this reason; we utilize this automatic plant irrigation system. The framework gets power from solar energy through photovoltaic cells.  Hence, dependency on erratic commercial power is not required.

In this project, we utilize solar energy which is utilized to work the irrigation pump. The circuit comprises sensor parts manufactured utilizing operation amp IC. Operation amp’s are arranged here as a comparator. Two stiff copper wires are inserted in the soil to detect whether the soil is wet or dry.

A microcontroller is utilized to control the entire framework by observing the sensors and when sensors sense dry state of the soil, at that point the microcontroller will send the command to relay driver IC the contacts of which are utilized to switch on the motor and it will turn off the motor when the soil is in wet condition.

The microcontroller does the above activity as it receives the signal from the sensors through the output of the comparator, and these signals work under the control of software which is stored in ROM of the microcontroller. The condition of the pump i.e. ON/OFF is displayed on a 16X2 LCD which is interfaced to the microcontroller.

Further the project can be enhanced by interfacing it with a GSM modem to gain control over the switching operation over the motor.

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