Embedded Project on TV Remote Operated Domestic Appliances Control


The project is intended to work electrical loads utilizing a TV remote. The remote transmits coded infrared information which is then gotten by a sensor interfaced to the control unit. The framework works electrical burdens relying upon the information transmitted from the TV remote. Working traditional divider switches is troublesome for elderly or physically incapacitated individuals. This proposed framework takes care of the issue by coordinating household machines to a control unit that can be worked by a TV remote.

RC5 based coded information sent from the TV remote is gotten by an IR beneficiary interfaced to the microcontroller of 8051 families. The program on the microcontroller alludes to the RC5 code to create particular yield in view of the information to work an arrangement of transfers through a hand-off driver IC. The loads are interfaced to the control unit through the transfers. The framework can be utilized as a part of existing domestic zone for either working for the load’s through conventional switches or with the TV remote.

The task can be improved by utilizing radio frequency technology where the operational range might be free of viewable pathway remove as regularly experienced with IR sort of remote control.

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