Embedded Project on Touch Screen Based Industrial Load Switching


The goal of this project is electrical load control in a hazardous industrial environment with the touchscreen-based switching system. Conventional switches create sparks which are potentially dangerous for industries where inflammable gases are available.

In such a situation it is always advisable to go for a system including touch screen based switches. Proprietors familiar with the icon system appreciate touch screens that influence industrial load to control user friendly. This type system makes operations simple and thus reduces the errors.

In order to achieve this, a touch screen panel is interfaced to the microcontroller. By toching a particular segment of this module the loads can be turned ON/OFF. The microcontroller utilized here is of 8051 family. This type of technology gives control over different loads in this way providing comfort, security and efficiency for the clients.

Further the project can be enhanced by utilizing RF technology. A touch pannel is associated with a RF transmitter. Thus, rather than utilizing a standalone control unit, by utilizing RF technology the switching of the loads should be done wirelessly.

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