Android Local Train Ticketing Project


A local train ticketing system project for local trains that enables clients to book local train tickets and get ticket receipt on the online. This local train project gives login rights to normal clients and administrator. A normal client may login and get a ticket on the web, print it and travel by train. The ticketing procedure comprises of a ticket booking form. The form enables the client to choose his source and destination. The source is the station from where the client will board the train. A destination is a station he needs to get down at. The project database is already filled with stations on Mumbai western focal and harbor line. It can be adjusted for some other city as required. The system likewise comprises of an alternative to choose climate ticket is a single journey or a return ticket and the journey will be commented on a single class or second class. It likewise comprises of an administrator account. The administrator may recharge the client account balance and check for different journey tickets prepared in the system.

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