Decentralized Control for Fully Modular Input-Series Output-Parallel (ISOP) Inverter System Based on the Active Power Inverse-Droop Method


Input-series-output-parallel (ISOP) inverter systems are appropriate for the high-input-voltage and huge output current applications. In this paper, a functioning force backwards hang control strategy is introduced for the ISOP inverter system, in which the extremity of dynamic power criticism is inversed to be certain contrasted and the customary hang control while the responsive power hang is as yet embraced to accomplish voltage and power sharing of the system. The seclusion and dependability of the system are incredibly enhanced because of that both power circuits and control circuits of the constituent modules are independent and autonomous.

The information voltage sharing and yield current sharing can be very much accomplished without the testing of info voltage, so the high-voltage sensors are killed. In this way, the cost and volume of the system can be decreased. The operational rule of the dynamic power reverse hang control is presented and the point by point system configuration is displayed in light of the proposed control plot. The security investigation and the rule for control sharing circle configuration are additionally given. At long last, reproduction and exploratory consequences of a two-module ISOP inverter system check the viability of the proposed control system.

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