AN029 – Android Task Monitoring


The modern day to day life of people in major cities is very demanding and the timetables are similarly furious. In such situations, it is basically difficult to monitor all the activities/appointments. Many a times, it happens that we may miss a critical errand; for instance: taking pharmaceuticals, going to a gathering, returning library books, paying the bills and so forth. What’s more, this cycle can prop up on unendingly. The human personality isn’t intended to multitask, it needs to work things out each one in turn. This expects us to keep up our attention on the job needing to be done, and thus other imperative things take a backstage and some may even slip crazy. Keeping in mind the end goal to address this issue, we have thought of a Weekly Task Alerting System. This framework is intended to alarm the client of all the vital undertakings that are expected on a particular day, consistently. So now, the client can continue with his/her existence with no stresses. The created venture is an errands update application, with AI-controlled Chatbot that will influence client to appreciate profitability. Regardless of whether you will probably make great propensities or dispose of awful ones. This application encourages you to ensure that the errands you set really complete, the assistance of its AI colleague. It screens your android telephone, pings you now and again you’re probably going to see a warning and ensures you bear in mind about things on your daily agenda. With this, which is one of the bot characters, this application brings you your undertakings update as well as a free efficiency partner that connects with you for the duration of the day to make a more gainful rendition of yourself.


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