Php project on Mail Server


This project provides an execution study of the ISP (Internet Service provider) mail servers. By utilizing the SPECmail2001 benchmark to test a commercial mail service–MDaemon 5.0.1, we investigate both network and I/O performance of mail servers with user population between 200 to 10,000. The file system follows are likewise gathered for investigation. From the benchmark results about, trace-driven simulations and offline trace analysis, we arrived at several important conclusions for the ISP mail servers and give the technical suggestion correspondingly. We observed that, in SMTP and POP sessions, the underlying system association setup more often than not takes a long time. I/O latencies contribute up to the information exchange time of email demands, particularly when the client populace is high. We likewise found that mail servers have better file system transient and spatial area than web servers. Most records are brief. In light of the skewed file get to designs, a sensibly measured document framework reserve can catch most file accessed.

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