Embedded IEEE Project  Design and Implementation of Real-Time Transformer Health


With the advancement and improvement of the national economy and also control system, reliability and security issues of power system have been more important. Advancement of dispersion Transformer Health Monitoring System (THMS) has been done in that reason. Conveyance transformer is the most essential resource in any electrical distribution network and hence it needs extraordinary care and consideration. This THMS can screen the health status of the dissemination transformer progressively perspective.

As an extensive number of transformers are disseminated over a wide region in display electric frameworks, it’s hard to screen the condition physically of each and every transformer. So programmed information securing and transformer condition observing has been a critical issue. This task presents plan and execution of a portable inserted system to screen stack streams, over voltage, transformer oil level and oil temperature. The usage on-line checking system coordinates Global Service Mobile (GSM) Modem, with single chip microcontroller and sensors. It is introduced at the appropriation transformer site. The yield estimations of sensors are prepared and recorded in the system memory.

System modified with some predefined guidelines to check irregular conditions. On the off chance that there is any variation from the norm on the system, the GSM module will send SMS (Short Message Service) messages to assigned cell phones containing data about the anomaly as indicated by the previously mentioned predefined directions. This portable system will push the utilities to ideally use transformers and distinguish issues before any calamitous disappointment happens. This system will be a propelled advance to the computerization by decreasing human reliance. As it is a remote conveying system, there is no need of extensive links which are of staggering expense. Therefore THMS offers a more enhanced transformer checking.

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