Ds004 – Efficient Anonymous Message Submission


In online studies, numerous individuals are not willing to give genuine answers because of protection concerns. Along these lines, secrecy is critical for online message accumulation. Existing arrangements let every part indiscriminately rearrange the submitted messages by utilizing the IND-CCA2 secure cryptosystem.

At last, all messages are arbitrarily rearranged and nobody realizes the message arrange. Be that as it may, the overwhelming computational overhead and straight correspondence rounds make it helpful for little gatherings. In this paper, we propose a productive mysterious message accommodation convention went for a down to earth bunch estimate. Our convention depends on a streamlined mystery sharing plan and a symmetric key cryptosystem.

We propose a novel strategy to let all individuals subtly total their messages into a message vector to such an extent that a part knows nothing about other individuals’ message positions.We give a hypothetical evidence demonstrating that our convention is unknown under malevolent assaults. We at that point lead an intensive investigation of our convention, demonstrating that our convention is computationally more productive than existing arrangements and results in a consistent correspondence rounds with a high likelihood.

BASE PAPER: Ds004 – Efficient Anonymous Message Submission

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