Ds003 – Efficient and Expressive Keyword Search Over Encrypted Data in Cloud


Accessible encryption enables a cloud server to direct catchphrase seek over scrambled information for the benefit of the information clients without taking in the hidden plaintexts. In any case, most existing accessible encryption conspires just help single or conjunctive watchword seek, while a couple of different plans that can perform expressive catchphrase look are computationally wasteful since they are worked from bilinear pairings over the composite-arrange gatherings.

In this paper, we propose an expressive open key accessible encryption conspire in the prime-arrange gatherings, which permits watchword seek strategies (i.e., predicates, get to structures) to be communicated in conjunctive, disjunctive or any monotonic Boolean recipes and accomplishes huge execution enhancement over existing plans. We formally characterize its security, and demonstrate that it is specifically secure in the standard model. Likewise, we actualize the proposed plan utilizing a fast prototyping instrument called Charm, and direct a few trials to assess it execution. The outcomes show that our plan is considerably more effective than the ones worked over the composite-arrange gatherings.

BASE PAPER: 5. Abstract-Efficient and Expressive Keyword Search Over

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