Embedded Project on  Auto Metro Train to Shuttle Between Stations


This project is designed to demonstrate the technology utilized as a part of metro train movement which is utilized as a most of the developed countries. This train is equipped with a controller, that enables the automatic running of the train from one station to another.

This proposed system is autonomous train and it eliminates the need of any driver. In this manner, any human error is ruled out. In this project microcontroller from 8051 family has been utilized as CPU. At whenever train arrives at the station it stops automatically, as ed by an IR sensor.

At that point, the door opens automatically so that passengers can go inside the train. The door at that point closes after a prescribed time set in the controller by the program. It is also equipped with a passenger counting section, which which counts the number of passengers leaving and entering the train. The door closes when it reaches maximum occupancy level irrespective of time allotted for the door to remain open.

The passenger counts are displayed on a seven segment display interfaced to the microcontroller. The movement of the train is controlled by an engine driver IC interfaced to the microcontroller. The train joins a buzzer to alert the passengers previously closing the door and furthermore caution them before starting. As the train reaches the destination the procedure repeats thus achieving the desired operation.

Further project can be improved by making this system more advanced by displaying the status of the train over an LCD screen for the convenience of the passengers. The status of the train consists of the parameters like, expected arrival and departure time and so forth.

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