Android Projects on College Management System on Android

Android Projects on College Management System on Android


The school administration framework based a specific College related and data about the school. The school Management framework in centered a the school history and Events programs, position of the data.The projects module can be subdivided the two section UG, PG. The UG implies undergrad related the course can be partitioned in four.The each and every course can be incorporated a the Subject name of the courses. The PG course implies PostGraduate it can be subdivided into three sections.The PG likewise have each course and subject name additionally.The Placement implies who are enrollment specialists in our school spotter in points of interest accessible here.News and Events module centered a the school-related data.The school administrator posts the data and views the data in the understudy.The school Management System has administrator part likewise the post the most recent data and achieves the data in an understudy.

Advances and Languages used to Develop

1. Android

2. Java

3. XML

Debugger and Emulator

1. Android Dalvik Debug Monitor benefit

2. Android Emulator(Android Virtual Device)

For running the application the accompanying is the Software Requirements:

 Operating System: Android 2.1 or higher adaptations

Equipment Requirements

For building up the application the accompanying is the Hardware Requirements:

 Processor: Pentium IV or higher

 RAM: 256 MB

 Space on Hard Disk: least 512MB

For running the application:

 Device: Android rendition 2.1 and higher

 Minimum space to execute: 1.0MB

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