Android Projects on College Result Analysis

Android Projects on College Result Analysis


Understudy Result Analysis System is programming which is useful for understudies and in addition the school experts. In the present framework, every one of the exercises is done physically. It is exceptionally tedious and exorbitant. Our Student Result Analysis System manages the different exercises identified with the understudies. Amid the investigation, information gathered from the different records, choice focuses and exchanges took care of by the present framework. The generally utilized devices in the framework are Data Flow Diagram, interviews, and so forth. Preparing, knowledge and sound judgment are required for accumulation of applicable data expected to build up the framework. The achievement of the framework depends generally on how obviously the issue is characterized, completely explored and legitimately brought out through the decision of arrangement.


There are primarily 3 modules in this product

 Student module

 Admin Module

 Manager Module

In the Software, we can enlist as a client and client have of three sorts, understudy, administrator, and chief. The administrator has the ability to include new client and can alter and erase a client. An understudy can enroll as a client and can utilize noticeable for check rundown and participation his profile. The administrator can include alter and erase marks for the understudy. Every one of the clients can see the imprints. The supervisor can include and erase new understudy and staff execution,


Framework Analysis is a nitty-gritty investigation of the different operations performed by a framework and their connections inside and outside of the framework. Here the key inquiry is the thing that all issues exist in the present framework? What must be done to tackle the issue? Examination starts when a client or chief starts an investigation of the program utilizing existing framework.

Amid examination, information gathered from the different records, choice focuses and exchanges dealt with by the present framework. The generally utilized apparatuses in the framework are Data Flow Diagram, interviews, and so forth. Preparing, knowledge, and presence of mind are required for a gathering of applicable data expected to build up the framework. The accomplishment of the framework depends to a great extent on how unmistakably the issue is characterized, completely researched and appropriately brought out through the decision of arrangement. A decent investigation model ought to give the instruments of issue understanding as well as the edge work of the arrangement. In this way, it ought to be considered complete by gathering information about the framework. At that point, the proposed framework ought to be investigated completely as per the requirements.

Framework investigation can be arranged into four sections.

 System arranging an introductory examination

 Information Gathering

 Applying investigation devices for organized examination

 Feasibility examine

 Cost/Benefit examination.

In the present framework, we have to keep various records identified with the understudy and need to enter the subtle elements of the understudy and the imprints physically. In this framework, just the educator or the school expert perspectives the sign of the understudy and they need to enter the subtle elements of the understudy. This is tedious and has much cost.


In our proposed framework we have the arrangement for including the subtle elements of the understudies independent from anyone else. So the overhead of the school specialists and the educators is turned out to be less. Another favorable position of the framework is that it is anything but difficult to alter the points of interest of the understudy and erase an understudy when it discovered superfluously. The characteristics of the understudy have included the database thus understudies can likewise see the imprints at whatever point they need.

Our proposed framework has a few preferences

 User agreeable interface

 Fast access to database

 Less blunder

 More Storage Capacity

 Search office

 Look and Feel Environment

 Quick exchange

All the manual challenges in dealing with the understudy points of interest in a school have been redressed by actualizing computerization.

Plausibility ANALYSIS

Whatever we figure require not be plausible.It is savvy to consider the attainability of any issue we attempt. The possibility is the investigation of effect, which occurs in the association by the improvement of a framework. The effect can be either positive or negative. At the point when the positives name the negatives, at that point, the framework is viewed as doable. Here the achievability study can be performed in two routes, for example, specialized attainability and Economical Feasibility.

Specialized Feasibility:

We can emphatically say that it is, in fact, doable, since there won’t be much trouble in getting required assets for the advancement and keeping up the framework too. Every one of the assets required for the improvement of the product and the upkeep of the same is accessible in the association here we are using the assets which are accessible as of now.

Sparing Feasibility

Improvement of this application is exceptionally monetarily practical.The association required not spend much cash for the advancement of the framework effectively accessible. The main thing is to be done is making a domain for the improvement with a viable supervision. If we are doing as such, we can achieve the most extreme ease of use of the relating assets.Even after the improvement, the association won’t be in condition to put more in the association. In this way, the framework is monetarily possible.


 System: Pentium IV 2.4 GHz.

 Hard Disk: 40 GB.

 Floppy Drive: 1.44 Mb.

 Monitor: 15 VGA Color.

 Mouse: Logitech.

 Ram: 512 Mb.


 Operating framework: Windows XP.

 Coding Language: Java 1.6

 Tool Kit: Android 2.2

 IDE: Eclipse

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