A Common Ground Switched-Quasi-Z-Source Bidirectional DC–DC Converter With Wide-Voltage-Gain Range for EVs With Hybrid Energy Sources


A common ground switched-quasi-Z-source bidirectional dc-dc converter is proposed for electric vehicles with cross breed energy sources. The proposed converter depends on the conventional two-level semi Z-source bidirectional dc-dc converter, changing the situation of the principle control switch. It has the upsides of a wide-voltage-gain extend, a lower voltage worry over the power switches, and an outright shared belief. The working standard, the voltage and current weights on the power switches, the examinations with alternate converters, the little flag investigation, and the controller configuration are displayed in this project. At last, a 300 W model with U high = 240 V and U low = 40~120 V is created, and the test results approve the execution and the achievability of the proposed converter.

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