AN034 – Railway Ticket Booking System Using QR Codes


This project manages the development and implementation of a smartphone application which is more powerful and basic than the current ticketing system. The “Railway Ticket Booking System utilizing QR Code” can be purchased effectively anytime, anyplace and the ticket will be available in the client’s telephone as “Quick Response (QR) Code”. Administrator will include the clients based their aadhaar card details which will be recovered while enrollment of client on an android application.

After effectively making a record, the client can book a ticket by indicating the source and the goal and book a ticket. The application will produce a QR code of booked ticket which will be utilized at the railway station to filter the ticket QR code. GPS office is utilized for approval of the ticket at the source and cancellation at the goal. The data for every client is put away in a SQL database for security reason which is inaccessible in the current rural railway system. Additionally, the ticket checker is given an application to scan for the client’s ticket with the ticket number in the cloud database for checking purposes.

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