CMB001 – Geo Polymer Brick


This paper manages the improvement of lightweight geopolymer blocks by utilizing frothing operator and fly fiery remains. The blend parameters examined through a research center explore different avenues regarding fix proportion of sodium silicate/sodium hydroxide arrangement mass proportion 2.5, fly fiery debris/soluble activator arrangement mass proportion 2.0, frothing specialist/glue mass proportion 1:2 and molarity of sodium hydroxide arrangement utilized was 12M.

Distinctive restoring temperature (Room Temperature, 60, 80) and frothing operator/water mass proportion (1:10 and 1:20) were contemplated. Compressive quality, thickness investigation, what’s more, water ingestion has been researched. The outcomes demonstrate that the frothed geopolymer blocks with a lower froth/water mass proportion (1:10)and high relieving temperature (80°C) prompting a superior properties. Blends with a low thickness of around 1420 kg/m3 what’s more, a compressive quality of around 10 MPa were accomplished.

BASE PAPER: Geo Polymer Brick

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