Php project on Transport Records Management System


Transport Management System manages with the operation of the transportation in a matter of booking transport. There are several issues identified when utilizing the manual system. Time to book is limited to working hours when the client needs to apply it. The problem happens when transports have mechanical issues are rented, vehicles that have been double booked and there have been situations when the wrong vehicle has been rented when it has been returned and not serviced. The present system has redundancy, where information caused by the manual system which utilizes paper to fill the data. Information is additionally not being kept in the secured location. Data lost is normal by utilizing the manual system. For the solution of the issues, Transport Mangement System (TMS) is created to deal with the operational of the transportation in the matter of booking process. TMS is an online application system. The significant of the system permits the administrator, staff, normal client and driver to check the accessibility of transport directly. Information will be stored in a database. To build up this system, Rapid Application Development (RAD) model had been chosen as a strategy. Ideally, this system can be extremely useful and give services and satisfaction to the client.

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