AN070 – Android Multi-Layer Pattern Locking Project


Everyone utilizes cell phones nowadays and because of this increasing the usability of cell phones everywhere, now peoples have started keeping their important documents and data into their cell phones. Also, in this way, they require some application or software to keep their information in their cell phones, even when someone else utilize their cell phone. Multi Layer Pattern Project application is one such application which causes the client to keep a lock on their files and folders in their cell phones by means of pattern keys.


In the existing Multi Layer Pattern Project cell phones, only some groups of cell phones have locking systems, which makes them un reasonable regarding security. Additionally, in a few systems, If they have cell phones, at that point likewise the clients get only one opportunity to open the lock when the secure comes terms of some pattern.

Existing Multi Layer Pattern Project system is quite unsafe and if it is safe, then it is for sure unreliable in terms of usage. It might have many advantages of keeping the information safe, but once if we forget the pattern, then we cant retrieve all the data again because we will be unable to login into the system in our own account.


In this proposed Multi Layer Pattern Project system, clients have been given multiple times to unlock their system utilizing design. At first, they need to register into the system administration with a certain pattern and after that every time they attempt to open their files or folders, having these pattern lock into it, at that point they can try to unlock it 5 times. 5 chances are given so that if the client draws incorrect pattern then additionally he/she can rectify his/her mistake and can redraw the pattern again. This Multi Layer Pattern Project system will help clients with keeping their files and folders safe.


Modules utilized in the given android multi layer design locking system are:

Client Module: Here the client can set the pattern design according to his/her manner by which he/she can remember simply. Client can register the pattern through this module.

Registration Module: In this module, the client can register the pattern along with the required details of the system and can get some important instructions to the same as the given pattern locking performa.

Administration Module: All the details and data will be saved in this module and once the times for entering the pattern for unlocking the system reaches to 5, this module gives sudden reply for crossing the no. of limits for entering the pattern and thus lock the pattern again.

DOWNLOAD: Multi-Layer Pattern Project (1)

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