SP012 – Practical Method for Analysis and Design of Slender Reinforced Concrete Columns Subjected to Biaxial Bending and Axial Loads


Fortified and concrete-encased composite segments of discretionarily formed cross segments exposed to biaxial twisting and pivotal burdens are usually utilized in numerous structures. For this reason, an iterative numerical system for the quality examination and structure of short and thin strengthened solid segments with a square cross segment under biaxial twisting and a hub stack by utilizing an EC2 push strain display is exhibited in this paper.

The computational system considers the nonlinear conduct of the materials (i.e., concrete and strengthening bars) and incorporates the second – arrange impacts because of the extra unconventionality of the connected hub stack by the Moment Magnification Method. The capacity of the proposed strategy and its definition has been tried by contrasting its outcomes and the exploratory ones revealed by a few creators. This examination has demonstrated that a decent level of assention and exactness between the test and hypothetical outcomes have been gotten. A normal proportion (proposed to test) of 1.06 with a deviation of 9% is accomplished.

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