GIS007 – Assessment of Impact on Aquaculture Using Remote Sensing Data and GIS 


GIS and remote-detecting gives better alternatives to overseeing assets and improving the productivity.Our consider is conveyed out to get to the ideal Aqua cultivating or Aquaculture locales in Tiruchendur area.Using the diverse basic parameters for choosing locales gives the ideal destinations in the undertaking region that will help Aqua agriculturists and results in general advancement in Business.

The undertaking audit the current condition of the science as for remote detecting applications for aquaculture, counting site area, aquaculture office mapping, showcase vicinity examination and related roadway foundation, epizootic moderation, meteorological occasion and surge early cautioning, ecological contamination checking, and sea-going biological community affect, fundamentally for catfish and tilapia, bury alia. The capability of innovation exchange from the controlled condition at Tiruchendur in tirunelveli locale. The potential for multi-sensor remote detecting organization to help practical fish generation in these situations and thusly in other Tiruchendur zone is assessed.

BASE PAPER: Assessment of Impact on Aquaculture Using Remote Sensing Data and GIS 

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