CC11-SeSPHR: A Methodology for Secure Sharing of Personal Health Records in the Cloud


The Personal Health Record (PHR) is an emerging framework of health data exchange, which is regularly stored at cloud servers. Be that as it may, there are as still different privacy problems as personal health data could be discovered to unauthorized people. To ensure the patient’s control over to their own particular PHRs, it is a technique to encrypt the PHRs before storing on a cloud. Yet at the same time issues, for example, risks of privacy, efficiency in a key organization, flexible access, and efficient user administration, have still remained the imperative difficulties toward accomplishing better, cryptographically forced information get to control. Here in this project, we build up a model and system for control of information access to PHRs stored in cloud servers. To accomplish efficient and measured information get to control for PHRs, we give ABE encryption way to deal with scramble each PHR document. In this system, we endeavor to center around the different information proprietor scheme and separation the clients into security areas that exceedingly diminish the key administration inconvenience for proprietors and clients. In this system tolerant protection is ensured by abusing multi-expert ABE. Our system’s plan additionally enables modification of access approaches or file attributes and break-glass access under emergency situations. Extensive analysis and experiment results are presented which demonstrates the security and efficiency of our proposed scheme.

DOWNLOAD: V4I4201577

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