ASP Project On Defect Tracking And Problem Reporting Using

ASP Project On Defect Tracking And Problem Reporting Using


The Defect Tracking is an intranet based web application created to give data with respect to the status of indent put by workers of various offices. Online issue revealing application frame is accessible that encourages representatives to put application from any PC in the intranet. The created web application empowers to track the advance of indent set through an age of reports, which encourages the representative to think about the status of indent put by them. The approved individual can give the status data of set indents on the web, in the wake of giving right overseer confirmation. Imperfection Status data gave the framework, could be gotten to just by giving right client verification.

To encourage online access from any PC in the intranet the new framework is to be produced as an intranet based web application. The proposed framework ought to give issue detailing application shape web-based, encouraging faculty to put indent from any PC in the intranet. Faculty putting the indent ought to have the capacity to put, alter, refresh, erase and disavow the indent before it is put. The approved workforce ought to have the capacity to give the status data of put indents on the web. Status data of indents set ought to be made accessible to the concerned staff on the web. Access to proposed framework ought to be given simply in the wake of giving right client verification.


Printed material and Manual work stack work are high. Deferrals, expenses, and vulnerability related to on location visits are basically disposed of.


Administrator or representatives can submit issues specifically by means of the Web, beware of the status, Automatic notice; isolate principles and settings for every item issue followed. Consequently tell fitting clients on change of task, change of expression that will be demonstrated on the web. Critical thinking Desktop IT issues as they emerge and advancing them to an acceptable conclusion. Researched and settled network issues and issues with client accounts

No sitting tight for field benefit call

Exact framework finding

Equipment blames effectively disengaged


Processor : Pentium 4

Processor Speed : 2.40GHz

Slam : 512 MB

Hard Disk : 80GB

Album Drive : Samsung 52X


Condition : Visual studio .NET 2005

.NET Framework : VERSION 2.0

Dialect : ASP.NET with C#

Working System: Windows 2000/XP

Back End: SQL Server 2000


This task is gone for building up an online deformity following framework helpful for framework disappointment in an association. The Defect Tracking System (DTS) is an online application that can be gotten to all through the association. This framework can be utilized for logging deserts against a framework, doling out imperfections to people and following the deformities to determination. This undertaking having the accompanying modules

o Admin login

Initially module is administrator, which has all the privilege for making new representative, engineers confirmations , change client name secret key, benefit points of interest and administration enquiry frame et cetera..

o Employee Admission

Any passage of new worker is then added to the predefined table and make secret key for every representative. Worker id, representative name, messaged, assignment, division, dark no, framework no, system those subtle elements are put away in include framework table.

o Post benefit Report

Administration architect can compose their report id, empid, benefit design id build name, at what date the report is submitted and what the critical thinking report the two subtle elements are put away in post benefit report table.

o Engineer Admission

Administrator can add new architects points of interest to Add Engineer table.This move will be make just when new specialist coming into organization.That time the administrator will give design id, eng name, division, contact number and mail id of their datils are go into that confirmation shape.

o Service Report Form

In the event that any issue occur in arrangement of both worker and administrator will select their concern explanation and framework number, time of issue and representative id,employee name, report id every one of the subtle elements are submitted in one shape. That shape points of interest are put away in on table called benefit report table.

o Service Enquiry Form

The administrator or worker will check whether their framework issue will be illuminated or not. The frame having data about their concern and what date and time that given issue was understood that subtle elements will showed.

o Service Detail

All are having the consent to see the administrations which are pending and completing those points of interest are shown from two tables in particular administration report and post benefit report.

o view the framework points of interest

Administrator can see the framework detail that is what are all the framework are allocated to what worker then their representative id,designation, office, square number and framework IP from include representative table.

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