Civil Project on Passive solar energy buildings


The rate of expanding population development with expanding advancements in the field of businesses and innovations have all together brought about the expanding energy consumption enormously. This high utilization is a worry for supportability. This negatively affects the earth and energy conservation.

Along these lines, a development in the building construction, that would perform with the existing energy, without abusing any extra mechanical or electrical sources is called as passive solar based building plan idea. These structures take the benefit of the atmosphere, where it must be built. An appropriate site examination would judge the execution of the building.

The idea of passive solar based building structures is embraced in new structures. Be that as it may, officially existing structures can be retrofitted to carry on inactively. The building is named latent sunlight based structures since we don’t make utilization of any mechanical or electrical gadgets inside the working to bring the idea.

The principle idea of latent sun powered structures is that its building components i.e. the windows, dividers and the floors are made ready to gather sun based vitality and store them. This vitality is then utilized as a part of the winter for warmth and used to dismiss the warmth amid the late spring seasons.The structures change over the sun oriented vitality into valuable vitality without the assistance of some other mechanical framework.


The primary rule depends on the course of the sun in various seasons. The sun in winter will go in a lower course contrasted with summer.

In winter, the south bearing confronted glass will help in vitality ingestion and capacity in the building.

The area of warm mass in a position empowering simple ingestion of sun oriented vitality later would help in the simple arrival of the same amid night time.

The immediate sun can be opposed by overhanging components as appeared in the figure underneath. These are additionally called control components.

Legitimate protection empowers warmth in winter and coolness in summer.

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