A PWM LLC Type Resonant Converter Adapted to Wide Output Range in PEV Charging Applications


In conventional LLC-based plug-in electric vehicle (PEV) locally available chargers, the battery pack voltage fluctuates in a wide range with the difference in condition of charge. This makes it hard to ideally plan the modified pulse width moulated LLC resonant converter. Furthermore, the voltage direction of the LLC converter is profoundly subject to the heap conditions.

In this project, an altered heartbeat width adjusted (PWM) LLC compose resonant topology (PWM-LLC) is proposed and researched in PEV charging applications. The switching frequency of the essential LLC arrange is steady and equivalent to the resonant frequency. The voltage control is accomplished by regulating the obligation cycle of the optional side assistant mosfet.

Contrasted and the traditional LLC topology, the proposed topology contracts the attractive part estimate and accomplishes a wide and settled voltage gain extend free of load conditions. In the mean time, zero-voltage-exchanging and zero-current-exchanging are acknowledged among all MOSFETs and diodes, separately. A 100-kHz, 1-kW converter model, producing 250-420 V output from the 390-V dc connect, is planned and tried to confirm the evidence of idea. The model exhibits 96.7% pinnacle productivity and hearty execution over wide voltage and load ranges.

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