Improved Power Quality Switched Inductor Cuk Converter for Battery  Charging Application


The majority of the two-stage converters for electric bike battery charging contain a boost converter for power factor correction (PFC) followed by a dc-dc converter with general information voltage. These two-organize changes experience the ill effects of poor effectiveness and expanded part tally. In this project, a single stage exchanged inductor Cuk converter based PFC converter is proposed, which offers high advance down increase, low current pressure, high proficiency, and decreased segment check.

The operational examination and outline conditions for different segments of the proposed converter are done in persistent current mode. This project presents mathematical modeling, analysis, simulation, and experimentation on the proposed converter appraised for 500 W, 48 V/10.4 A. The execution examination of the proposed converter regarding power quality lists like voltage add up to consonant mutilation (THD), current THD, and aggregate power factor is completed with different sorts of burdens, for example, resistive load and battery stack in both consistent voltage (CV) and steady present (CC) mode. Moreover, the dynamic execution of the proposed converter with battery charging is explored in CV mode and CC mode regarding the extensive variety of supply varieties.

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