A New Controller for Bidirectional Wireless Power Transfer Systems


Wireless power transfer  (WPT) is a promising innovation for providing capacity to different applications with no physical contacts. As of late, bidirectional WPT (BD-WPT) systems are picking up fame for grid to-vehicle and vehicle-to-matrix applications which basically require control move in the two headings. In any case, BD-WPT systems are mind boggling in nature, and require refined control procedures to give synchronization and also to direct the power stream between opposite sides.

This project proposes another controller that utilizations estimated dynamic power (P) and receptive power (Q) at the resounding system of BD-WPT systems to manage the power stream in the two headings while giving synchronization between opposite sides without a committed correspondence interface for controlling force exchange. The controller, situated on the pickup side, is appropriate to BD-WPT systems with either single or various loads and guarantees that the volt-ampere rating of the pickup converter is at most reduced for battery charging, by keeping the receptive power at the resounding tank allow by the heap side least. Exploratory results acquired from a 1-kW model system indicate great concurrence with recreated results, approving that the proposed controller can be utilized to direct the power stream in BD-WPT systems.

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