ASP Project On Network Management And Monitoring Utilities


The venture point is to secure the system or a LAN by actualizing such a product which is empower to do tasks which are competent to screen entire of the system ,sitting on one seat by seeing remote work area ,passing messages to remote framework and is likewise ready to close down the framework by performing remote prematurely ending tasks .  This venture is to give the most extreme insights about the system to the head on their screen without knowing them their clients. The overseer can see the static picture of customer’s work area and after that, he/she could send cautioning message to the client to stop that task quickly. Indeed, even then if the customer doesn’t stop when the head has the office to prematurely end the framework remotely or on the other hand, restart the framework whatever important he considers.


Today the Today the world is quickly changing the announcement “We are on the planet” to “the world is in our grasp”. The principal point of our task is to control and screen the LAN organize where the system. This enables us to manufacture circulated applications. Before the utilization of customer and server, the fundamental stub is produced. Age of the skeleton might be required.  Its capacity is to show the same interfaces as the remote server. In the last case, the protest may have reference to different items.All of this data must be sent to the remote machine. That is, a question passed as a contention to remote technique call must be serialized and sent to remote Machine. Henceforth executive can see the static depiction of clients’ work area and after that, he could send cautioning messages to the client to stop that task instantly.


System observing portrays the utilization of a framework that always screens a PC arrange for moderate or coming up short parts and that tells the system overseer. While an interruption recognition framework screens a arrange for dangers, all things considered, a system observing framework screens the system for issues caused by over-burden as well as slammed servers, organize associations or different gadgets .


 NET VIEW: Get on your screen, the rundown of the whole customer’s in LAN. Continue pinging each opportunity to check the most recent status of the PCs.

PROCESS VIEW: Get the points of interest of all procedures running on the customer’s machine, by review the static picture of the customer’s work area.

CHAT PROCESS: If the server discovers anything illicit then the server has an office to send the notification message to the customer.

 SHUT DOWN: Shut down the customer’s machine by the server.

RECORDS: When the server close down the customer’s machine, right then and there of the static picture has spared to the database as a record.


Processor: Pentium-IV 2.6GHz

Hard Memory: 40GB

Smash: 1GB


Front End: ASP.Net

Back End: Microsoft SQL Server 2000

Working System: Windows XP

Dialect: C#

Framework : Microsoft Visual Studio 2005

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