Synchronization and Reactive Current Support of PMSG based Wind Farmduring Severe Grid Fault


Grid codes require wind form to stay on-grid and infuse particular reactive current when grid faults happens. To fulfill the prerequisites, receptive power devices, for example, the static synchronous compensator (STATCOM) are generally utilized in wind ranches. To deliver responsive streams, the wind energy generation system (WECS) and the STATCOM are regularly controlled with the stage bolted circle (PLL)- situated vector control techniques. Because of the dynamic power lopsidedness between the age and utilization, the breeze cultivate has the danger of losing synchronization with the lattice under extreme blame conditions.

This project investigates the synchronization component and of the breeze cultivate and proposes an organized control plot for the WECS and the STATCOM amid extreme framework blame period. The synchronization security of both the WECS and the STATCOM is stayed by the dynamic power adjusting control of the breeze cultivate. The control goals of the generator-and matrix side converters for the WECS are swapped to keep away from the collaboration between the dc-connect voltage control circle and the synchronization circle. The synchronized STATCOM produces extra receptive streams to enable the breeze to cultivate meet the necessities of the matrix code. Adequacy of the hypothetical investigations and the proposed control strategy are checked by simulations.

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