AN018 – Canteen Automation System using Android


This Canteen Automation System enables the end clients to register on the online, read and select the food from e-menu card and order food online by simply choosing the food that the client needs to have to utilize the android application. The results in the after choosing the food from the E-menu card will directly appear in the screen near to the Chef who will cook the food for you. The system is the mix of Android and Web Application. By utilizing this application work by the waiter is reduced and we can likewise say that the work is invalidated. The advantage of this is if there is the rush in the Canteen at that point there will be chances that the waiters will be unavailable and the clients can directly order the food to the chef online by utilizing this application. The client will have a username and a password, by utilizing which they can login into the system. This implies the client is the regular client of the Canteen.

Manual system includes paper work through keeping up different documents and manuals. Keeping up basic data in the records and manuals is full of risk and tedious process. Including a system demonstrating to apply Internet technology progressively as skills and confidence grow, the project shows the route from adapting materials to building up an online environment.

These days peoples don’t have much time to spend in the canteen by just there and waiting for the waiter to take their order. Many clients visit the canteen during their lunch break and recess so they have restricted time to eat and come back to their respective office and colleges. So this software helps them to save time and order food at whatever point they need without calling the waiter again and again.

Download: canteen automation

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