Android Projects on Android Leave Management System

Android Projects on Android Leave Management System


The fundamental goal of this undertaking is to keep up the participation of the representatives and to play out the leave demand frames, electronically. Every single worker utilizes their Savvy Card to enter the entryway. As once the representative scratch his/her card their participation is to be distinguished. The clients or workers from anyplace can get to the Intranet and demand their Leave and Authorization. This spares time and enhances the proficiency of workers in the Worry, Harmony IT Administrations. Each worker had their ID cum Shrewd Card to enter the entryways. When he/she enters the entryway, their Login time is been distinguished. Every approved client has exceptional Client id. Utilizing the Client id and the worker can log in. The manager can see the client’s subtle elements. Just approved clients or representatives can log in and ask for the leave or authorization. The director has full rights to get to the database. The representative subtle elements can be seen or erased just by the head. The workers can be made or erased or adjusted just by the head. The Director can send sends to representatives. The chief can see or erase the order subtle elements, which are entered by the representatives.


The current leave Administration framework has numerous inadequacies related with it. Physically regulated leave administration programs are expensive to oversee, hard to track and regularly result in blunders. Robotized LMS can definitely change this situation.

Bosses are in this way continually searching for paperless, viable arrangements that diminish or kill the room for giving and take in leave benefits computations.


Leave administration envelops the procedures representatives use to ask for a time far from work and director use to concede or deny leave in view of association strategies. Smooth mechanization of existing manual frameworks in light of an association’s interesting business forms. Effortlessly available and united leave data for examination and detailing. Work process speaks with the left database to show representative leave history amid login, Takes into account leave ask for steering in view of a progressive system and client subtle elements determined in the Dynamic Catalog. The work process can be empowered to work in heightening in the event of an inaccessible administrator or if more than one endorsement is required. Once a supervisor affirms a representative’s leave status and updates the leave adjust, the LMS cycle is finished.


 Admin Module

 Manager Module

 Employee Module

Administrator Module

• The administrator will play out all the capacity that supervisor and worker can perform.

• Admin sees the worker participation conclusion, administrator subtle elements, and representative points of interest.

• They can alter and see the worker leave record.

• Admin will keep up the whole database as indicated by leave administration

Framework for MNC

Supervisor Module

• View Leave Ask for: Supervisors can see different leave asks for in the meantime to planning purposes for their particular office.

• Approval of Leave Ask for: Supervisors can favor leaving ask for in the wake of checking/coordinating the leave accessibility, history and so forth.

• View Leave Adjusts: Administrators can see leave adjusts of workers of the concerned division.

• Cancel Leave Ask for: Director can even cross out future leave ask for even after affirmed.

• View Worker Reaction: Director can see the representative reaction in the wake of sending affirmed or rejected answer.

Worker Module

• Enter Leave Ask for: Worker can enter leave ask for time-off utilizing a leave ask for a frame.

• Request Status: Each Leave Ask for can be seen continuously.

• Manager Reaction: Representative can see the reaction from supervisor for the asked for leave to be either affirmed or rejected by leave history.

• Leave Cancelation: Representative can wipe out leave after trough reaction for the worker take off. A representative will send the message to the chief to cross out leave order.

Hardware Requirements:

 System: Pentium IV 2.4 GHz.

 Hard Plate: 40 GB.

 Floppy Drive: 1.44 Mb.

 Monitor: 15 VGA Shading.

 Mouse: Logitech.

 Ram: 512 Mb.

Software Requirements:

 Operating framework: Windows XP.

 Coding Language: Java 1.6

 Tool Kit: Android 2.2

 IDE: Eclipse

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