Android Projects on Fertilizer Management System

Android Projects on Fertilizer Management System


The compost business faces a perpetual test to enhance the effectiveness of its items. This is done either through a change of composts as of now being used or through the advancement of new particular manure sorts. The patterns in the supply of manures in India have been driven by key factors, for example, government policy(tenders), advertiser data, and foundation while on the request side rancher’s ability to secure composts, accessibility of water (precipitation) and agriculturist’s learning on fertilizer(via organization) utilize have been key drivers .The cultivating group kept getting to composts from the private segment which was however costly and hard to find.

In “FERTILIZER MANAGEMENT SYSTEM” we have done Launching manure, delicate quote, and office prerequisites and added numerous more highlights to encourage the client with the best to purchase. We have given the Manager the office to enter the Fertilizer’s record and see whether the client will see the entire data about Fertilizer’s.

Existing System:

In the existing framework, another propelled manure can’t know all agriculturists on the grounds that the huge organizations can purchase that compost with a high cost. The human mistake is high while taking care of the manure.


1. High cost.

2. Not simple to purchase.

3. Less security.

4. Backup information can’t be effectively created.

5. Record keeping is mind-boggling.

Proposed System:

We can enhance the proficiency of the framework, in this way defeat the disadvantages of the current framework.

• Less human blunder

• Strength and strain of registers and papers can be decreased

• High security

• Data consistency

• Easy to deal with

• Easy information refreshing

• Easy record keeping

• Backup information can be effortlessly produced

Module depiction:

Director MODULE:

This module is a director of the Company. By utilizing this module representative of Corporation can see every one of the grievances from various clients on various issues. The administrator can keep up tackled issues list and pending issues list.

Client MODULE:

This module is a representative of any Company. By utilizing this module representative of an organization can cite the delicate to the specific product(Fertilizer) in item propelled organization.

Operator MODULE:

This module is the operator of this gateway. By utilizing this module specialist can stop any objection to the director about issues, for example, not get the item, item harm and quality issue. The specialist must be enrolled with the framework. A director can check the dissension status.

Hardware Requirements

Portable which has beneath highlights


 SQLite

 Android 1.5 or higher

Software Requirements

 Android Google API 1.5 or higher

 Android Development Tool module

 Eclipse 3.4 or higher

 Sun JDK 5 or higher


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