ASP Project On Mines Information System

ASP Project On Mines Information System


The Mine Section, which is under Directorate of Industries and Mines, keeps up the points of interest of mines, generation, extraction and shipment insights concerning Major Minerals of the considerable number of mines arranged in the State of Goa.This System has been intended to keep up minor mineral subtle elements and Environmental Section points of interest relating to every one of the mines and delivers different reports as and when required.

Mines Information System incorporates the accompanying Functionalities in the Production:

• Provides Production Details

• Provides Payment Details

• Provides Transportation Details

Creation Details:-

In this module we are separating the diverse items from various nations, such a significant number of laborers and machines are work under these items filtration.

Installment Details;-

This module keeps up the compensation subtle elements of the labor’s, machines which are working under our extraction procedure, assume under process even machine or work will devastate, at that point, we are paying that much too

Transportation Details;-

In this module, we are transporting our separating items to elsewhere like Germany, England and so forth. Also, which transport we are utilized.


For a long time, City water and sewer Customers have gotten just four service charges a year – one each quarter. Presently, with the City’s current move to Automated Meter Reading (AMR), the City can start sending month to month bills.

Month to month water and sewer bills give visit, convenient input about your water utilization. Before, a hole might not have been distinguished until the point that the finish of your three-month charging cycle and, subsequently, you would wind up paying for a break for three months as opposed to just a single. Moreover, month to month charging makes it less demanding for you to the spending plan for water and sewer costs.

The way toward changing all water and sewer clients to the month to month charging will be finished toward the finish of 2008. Month to month charging started in March for clients in Billing District 2 (the southern side of Greensboro). The following period of the month to month charging begins in October with Billing District 3 (the north/upper east side of the city), and the last stage will begin in November with Billing District 1 (the northwest zone of the city).

In 1992, the District contracted with Alexander’s Contract Services of Atascadero, California for perusing the District meters on a month to month premise. This activity liberates District field staff to do required task, upkeep and repair work around the District.



Existing framework is a manual one in which clients are keeping up books to store the data like item points of interest, Distributors subtle elements, buys, deals subtle elements and records for consistently. It is exceptionally hard to keep up authentic information.

The accompanying are the disservices of the current framework

• It is hard to keep up essential data in books.

• More manual hours need to create required reports.

• It is monotonous to oversee chronicled information which needs much space to keep all the earlier years’ records, books and so on.

• Daily deals and buys points of interest must be gone into books are extremely hard to keep up.


The DISTRIBUTORS MANAGEMENT TOOL is a product application which stays away from more manual hours that need to spend on record keeping and creating reports. This application keeps the information centralized which is accessible to every one of the clients all the while. It is anything but difficult to oversee authentic information in the database. No particular preparing is required for the merchants to utilize this application. They can without much of a stretch utilize the device that declines manual hours spending for typical things and consequently builds the execution. It is anything but difficult to record the data of online deals and buys in the databases.

The target of the System

The target of the Vehicle Services is to give better data to the clients of this framework for better outcomes for their support in the item points of interest that deal, buys and stock.


• Pentium-IV (Processor).

• 256 MB Ram

• 512 KB Cache Memory

• Hard circle 10 GB

• Microsoft Compatible at least 101 Key Board


• Operating System: Windows

• Programming language: MS.NET

• Web-Technology: ASP.NET

• Front-End: C#.NET

• Back-End: SQLSERVER 2000

• Web Server: IIS5.1


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