WRE012 – Design of a Rectangular Water Tank


Water tanks and repositories are utilized to store fluids like water, oil or synthetic substances. For any residential and business purposes, water tanks are extremely fundamental need to meet their everyday utilize. In this project an endeavor is made to plan the rectangular underground tank, the tank is to keep up climatic temperature and gave ideal stature to simple siphoning of water to overhead tank.

Since it is underground water tank the sidelong earth weight and water weight additionally considered for the plan counts, so the structure is to be completed according to IS code standards. This undertaking manages investigation and plan of under ground water tank of 2lakh liter limit. The structure in this task includes side dividers, base chunk and rooftop piece. The investigation and structure of underground water tank is finished utilizing AutoCad. For this structure venture limit state strategy is utilized.

Rectangular tanks are particular, fit in many yards. Vast tanks of high limit can be developed. It involves less space contrasted with roundabout tanks. Various units of water stockpiling can be developed utilizing rectangular sort tanks.

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