GE014 – Prediction of Settlement of Shallow Foundation from Index Properties of Clayey Soil


The pressure file and recompression list are one of the essential compressibility parameters to decide the settlement computation for fine-grained soil layers. These parameters can be dictated via completing research center oedometer test on undisturbed examples; in any case, the test is very tedious and costly. Along these lines, numerous experimental recipes dependent on relapse investigation have been exhibited to gauge the compressibility parameters utilizing soil file properties.

In this paper, a counterfeit neural system (ANN) show is recommended for expectation of compressibility parameters from essential soil properties. For this reason, the information parameters are chosen as the characteristic water content, beginning void proportion, fluid limit and versatility list. In this model, two yield parameters, including pressure file and recompression record, are anticipated in a joined system structure. As the consequence of the investigation, proposed ANN show is fruitful for the expectation of the pressure list, anyway the anticipated recompression file esteems are not fulfilling contrasted with the pressure record.

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