Bricks ordering billing service maintance system


This undertaking keeps a record of the number of burdens that must be conveyed to the specific customer. Its fundamental goal is the requirement for checking framework, which can store the subtle elements of the specific customer. This framework empowers to keep up a record as opposed to taking the points of interest of each customer who requires blocks. In this task, the customer can enroll themselves and have a record. Through that record, they can log in and enroll their subtle elements. The enlistment subtle elements include his/her Name, Address, Mobile no, and so on… ,. Through login in, they can arrange the Number of burdens required and he/she can likewise indicate the due date. The administrator can log in and see the number of burdens requested by the customer with a due date, on the off chance that it is conceivable to convey the heaps inside the due date he will send the message that the heap will be conveyed. Else he will communicate something specific that heap will be postponed. The customer at that point see the message sent by the overseer and he can put in the request or he can drop the request in view of the administrator’s message.

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