Embedded Project on Rhythm Following Flashing Lights


The goal of this project is to develop a rhythm following flash led’s which blinks following the rhythm of the music.

The light which glows as according the rhythm of the music is fascinating to watch. Researchers established that the mus lights speedup the brain waves that devlops the higher concentration levels. This project is executed such that the lights (LED’s) glow according to the music.

The rhythm following lights can be accomplished by this framework. This framework utilizes a microphone through which, the audio input is pickedup and amplified. At that point this amplified signals triggers the sequence of LED’s through intermediate circuit.

Hence the flashing of the LED’s is done when a audio input is constantly change its beat. So a Beautiful situation of the changing LED’s can be seen with the changing beat of the music.

Further project can be enhanced by utilizing triacs and opto-isolators to utilize high power lamps instead of LEDs.

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