PCS001- Prestressed concrete slab design (PT slab)


The post-tensioning strategy is currently a days expanding broadly, because of its application. By utilizing post-tensioning technique one can structure the most monetary and the sheltered structure. While utilizing this technique more safety measures has to be made for shear and diversion criteria for the pieces. The structure of post-tensioned level section should be possible by utilizing load adjusting and comparable edge technique. For the utilization of plan methodology a place of business is considered as a contextual analysis.

The arrangement of the place of business (G+4) is considered. This building is planned by thinking about four cases with various floor frameworks. The amounts of fortifying steel, prestressing steel, concrete required for the chunk, pillar and segment is computed for the equivalent and are displayed in unthinkable shape. Alongside this aggregate expense of the building per square meter is found and examination of all the four cases as for expense is done.

BASE PAPER: Prestressed concrete slab design (PT slab)

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