Civil Project on global warming


The present reality has experienced a dangerous global warming and climate change. Other than different patrons, extraction of regular assets as building materials itself consume energy, environmental degradation and contribute to a dangerous global warming. Buildings are the biggest energy consumers and greenhouses gas substances emitters, both in the developed and developing nations. Rapid changes are thusly required identifying with energy savings, emissions control, creation and utilization of materials. Prompt recommendation identified with the utilization of renewable resources, and to recycling and reuse of building materials is essential.

This project portrays how much a run of the typical building is adding to global warming by discharging the carbon dioxide emission. Furthermore, how the architect-planners and building designers can decrease the measure of carbon impression transmitted from the building materials. As a contextual investigation a 3-story building made of usually utilized materials; concrete, brick, stone, and glass has been chosen. Add up to the amount of carbon emissions is assessed lastly proposals are given to diminish carbon dioxide emissions.

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