Embedded Project on Synchronized Traffic Signals


The goal of this project is to synchronize traffic lights at three junctions such that the traffic moving at a particular speed gets a green signal, with the goal that it never stops.

Because of fast urbanization and increment in population, the traffic congestion has additionally expanded in every major city. This has become a major problem affecting everyone. Because of unplanned traffic administration and sticking to outdated methods, the problem has only deteriorated. In this proposed framework multiple microcontrollers are utilized. They communicate with each other by means of serial correspondence.

Three microcontrollers are utilized to synchronize the traffic lights at three intersections as a model. Each microcontroller is in charge of one specific intersection. In the event that the vehicles are accepted to movement at a specific speed, at that, point the activity signals change in such a way, that the vehicle gets the green signal all through the junctions.

This sort of innovation is utilized as a part of signals where various microcontrollers are utilized, as the quantity of microcontrollers increment, the correspondence between them winds up fundamental for aggregate choice. For correspondence, among themselves, serial correspondence is favored and a ton of serial transports and conventions were produced streamlining diverse parameters of the correspondence.

The significant favorable position of receiving this innovation is that there is no requirement for any concentrated body to screen the course of movement stream. As human contribution is unimportant, there will be the little extent of human mistake.

Thus, this approach is the boon for government and nearby specialists confronting monetary requirements as they can’t burn through cash on expensive cameras and programming.

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