EE011 – Analysis of Textile Mill Waste Water


Textile industry is a standout amongst the most essential and quickly creating modern segments in Türkiye. It has a high significance as far as its natural effect, since it expends extensively high measures of handled water and creates profoundly contaminated release water in huge sums. Material plants in Türkiye are required to control their release also, accordingly have begun introducing treatment plants for the sake of natural security.

The wastewater treatment plants of 11 material factories in the woven texture and weave texture completing industry were explored in this investigation. Exhibitions of the treatment plants were assessed by in situ investigations and examinations of influent what’s more, emanating tests. The expense of the current treatment plants is additionally assessed. For the treatment of material industry wastewater, organic treatment, compound treatment and mixes of these are utilized.

Plants using organic treatment as opposed to concoction forms guarantee that their inclination is because of less abundance muck creation, bring down operational expenses and better COD evacuation in natural treatment. Squander water parameters in the emanating of organic treatment plants were in consistence with the ISKI (Istanbul Water also, Sewerage Administration) release guidelines. Be that as it may, if sodium sulfate in coloring process and sulphuric corrosive in balance forms are utilized before a natural treatment, sulfate in the emanating surpasses 1700 mg/l. This issue can be stayed away from by utilizing HCl or CO2 rather than H2SO4 in balance and NaCl rather than Na2SO4, if the utilization of Na2SO4 isn’t fundamental.

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