DP005 – Design 132 KV Power Transmission Tower


This Project manages the investigation and plan of a 132kV single circuit guyed transmission tower and its examination with a self-supporting transmission tower of identical line. For the guyed pinnacle configuration considered in this undertaking, venture costs are roughly 15-20% not as much as that of a self-supporting proportional line. The towers are investigated utilizing STAAD Pro v8i and structured as per IS 802 (Part 1/Sec 2) – 1992. The geometries of the towers are touched base as per the Electrical clearances according to IS 5613(Part 2/Sec 1) – 1985. The greatest pressure and strain powers on every part are acquired. The pressure and strain limit of the individuals are determined.

The extent of the part is advanced with the end goal that the limit of the part is more than the part compel. Both the guyed and self-supporting towers are planned and their weights are acquired. Platform establishment is embraced for Guyed tower; cushion and smokestack type establishment is received for self-supporting pinnacle. The part powers, tower weights, bolster responses and establishment volumes of both the towers are analyzed. The primary supporting unit of overhead transmission line is transmission tower. Electric power is today playing an vital job in the life of the network and improvement of different parts of economy. Creating nations like India are hence giving a high need to control improvement programs. Actually, the economy is getting to be progressively subject to power as an essential information.

]This thusly has prompted the expansion in power age and their limits and resulting increment in power transmission lines from the creating stations to the heap focuses. With higher power age required the sub-conveyance framework’s ability is likewise expanded, 132kV single circuit lines are presently significantly used to convey control over different parts of India.Power transmission should be possible either with overhead lines or with underground links. Transmission of intensity through link is uneconomical. Accordingly overhead lines are transcendently utilized. The structure of Power Transmission line tower relies upon, voltage that should be transmitted, area of pinnacle and its condition, wind zone, deviation edge and material detail. These towers are stirred to shield the steel from consumption. The stirring covering thickness relies upon the climate conditions at the area of pinnacle.

BASE PAPER: Power Transmission

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