Wavelet based Texture Characteristic Morphological Component Analysis for Colour Image Enhancement


This paper proposes a novel shading picture improvement technique which utilizes wavelet-based surface trademark morphological part investigation (WT-TC-MCA) to upgrade the textural contrasts in the luminance channel of the shading picture. The picture improvement technique is proposed to be the preprocessing strategy preceding the utilization of the shading picture division. The info shading picture is initially changed to CIELab shading space to isolate the luminance channel from the chromatic channels.

At that point just the luminance channel is upgraded by the WT-TC-MCA technique to improve the textural contrasts between various surfaces. Along these lines, the shading picture is upgraded with more separate surfaces while saving the chromatic data. The test results demonstrate that the proposed strategy can upgrade distinctive shading picture division calculations more than the best in class shading picture improvement technique.

BASE PAPER: Wavelet based texture characteristic morphological component analysis for colour image enhancement (1)

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